Cédric Roussel, M.Sc.

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Cédric Roussel i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0

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Cédric Roussel i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0



  1. Analysis methods for deformation detection using TLS and UAS data on the example of a landslide simulation

    Becker, Denise; Raddatz, Laura; Roussel, Cédric et al.

    International Journal of Geo-Engineering. Bd. 15. Springer 2024 9

  2. Geospatial XAI: A Review

    Roussel, Cédric; Böhm, Klaus

    ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. Bd. 12. H. 9. MDPI AG 2023 S. 355 - 374

  3. Analyzing Geospatial Key Factors and Predicting Bike Activity in Hamburg

    Roussel, Cédric; Rolwes, Alexander; Böhm, Klaus

    Kubicek, Petr u. a. (Hrsg). Geoinformatics and Data Analysis. France: Springer Cham 2022 S. 13 - 24 (Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies ; 143)

  4. Sensor Fusion for Occupancy Estimation: A Study Using Multiple Lecture Rooms in a Complex Building

    Roussel, Cédric; Böhm, Klaus; Neis, Pascal

    Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction. Bd. 4. H. 3. Basel: MDPI 2022 S. 803 - 812

  5. Praxistaugliche Indoor Navigation für Smartphones auf Grundlage einer messtechnischen Untersuchung

    Roussel, Cedric; Ruthmann, Svenja; Klauer, Thomas et al.

    Wichmann; VDE (Hrsg). Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik (AGIT). Berlin; Offenbach: Wichmann, VDE 2021 S. 26 - 35