Transfer Office for Digital Applications & Open Data

Rose Monday Carnival parade volunteers Mainz University of Applied Sciences, CC BY SA 4.0

A multitude of geodata is freely available on the internet as open data. Sample application possibilities are made available using a transfer point.


With the support of the Department of Geoinformatics and Surveying, the Department of Communication Design designed a web application that enables data to be easily published. The implementation of the open and free GeoPackage format enables different stakeholders from the business, science and cultural sectors to compile their geodata in an open format and prepare it for publication. A sample application was created from the data set of the Rose Monday Carnival parade in Mainz. For the parade volunteers, open data was used to show the path of the procession through the city center in real time and to make points of contact like medical aid workers, police locations and public restrooms visible along the route.


Work on the project continues beyond the project term. The results are currently being compiled for final documentation and publication.