Digital Applications & Open Data Mainz

Digital Applications & Open Data Mainz Vanessa Liebler for the i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0

The project aims to develop various prototypes for digital applications. These applications are to be available for projects of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and external partners from the public administration and business sectors, as well as the civilian population. This project is funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.


It is not uncommon for different stakeholders to develop software or collect data for the same use case. The open availability of software and data helps to ensure transparency, traceability and increased efficiency. In the future, a contact point at Mainz University of Applied Sciences will support projects in the creation of digital applications and making open data available. This will also ensure their sustained visibility. From the field of geo-government, in other words IT-related administrative actions, central geoinformation services can be provided for efficient administration. These services help, for example, with the search, visualization or processing of administrative data in information portals for citizen services and civil and regulatory affairs. Many of these services are also useful in business operations.


Open-source and reusable web applications are to be created from various geo-government use cases. The availability of research data or other geoinformation as open data will be based on already established approaches of cities like Bonn, Frankfurt and Hamburg, and published model data catalogs.